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Take Good Care 

Flat Tire Clinic

learn how to repair your flat bicycle tire while out on the road riding! 

 BYOB - Bring your own bike.

Have the fear that you will be out riding and wind up with a flat and have to walk home?  Well fear no more...  Sign-up for this Tire Service Clinic and we will show you step by step how to repair your flat tire on the road, so you don't have to walk home!  This event is BYOB - Bring your own bike, or at least your own wheel.  We will show you how to remove the wheel from the bike, remove and replace bad tube, and reinstall.  You should also bring your tire levers and spare tube if your tire is already flat.  We do have some shop levers but it is best that you learn with the levers you have and will be using out on the road, as using travel sized tires levers can be different than full sized shop levers.  Don't have tire levers or a proper flat kit?  We can certainly outfit you with what you need prior to or following the class.

Next Class October 9, 2023  

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Bicycle Maintenance Clinic

A clean bike is a happy bike!

Have you ever wondered how to clean your bike properly? Or when it's time to clean your chain? Maybe you just want to learn what lubricants and cleaning products we recommend. How to identify wear items on your bike and when it's time to have them replaced Join our Bicycle Maintenance Clinic and work with a Trek Cretified Mechanic to learn all the correct answers and more! Properly maintaining your bike and components saves you money.

Our next open class will TBD. Please join us!

Next Class October 19, 2023

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Advanced Maintenance Clinic

 learn how to keep your bike in tip top shape! 


The Advanced Maintenance Clinic will help you protect your investment and keep your bicycle running quietly day after day. Most bicycles will still require expert servicing, but sone basic adjustments and maintenance can, and should, be done at home. You will learn to properly inspect and care for your bicycle before and after every ride. And, we'll teach you quick tips and secrets that will keep your bike running smoothly.

You do not need to bring anything. You will have the option of getting dirty, so you may want to bring a change of clothes or apron.

Classes sizes are limited, and must be signed up for in advance!

Next Class TBD  

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Ready To Refresh Your Ride?

Whether your bike is relatively new or an aged companion, ridden for recreation or for transportation, it requires regular maintenance to ensure its reliable and enjoyable operation. The offseason is the ideal time to bring your bike in for its annual service - explore your options and plan your visit today.

Choose Your Accessories

Bike maintenance is necessary but accessorizing your bike is the fun part (not that turning wrenches isn’t fun). Check out our selection of lights, fenders, racks, and more - we’ll even help with installation!